Faro de Finisterre

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It is probably the most visited in Europe, and the nearest to America.

Built in 1853, 138 above sea level. Considered to be the cape at the end of the world - "Finis Terrae". For thousands of years, it was thought that beyond it there only existed a watery chasm where the sun went out every night, and which led to a region of darkness inhabited by sea monsters.
It is the lighthouse located furthest to the west in Europe, with an octagonal tower, the keeper´s house and a square of homage dedicated to General San Martín, known as Plaza de la República Argentina.

It is said that, on clear days, the line of Portugal can be seen. It is well-known to sailors from all over the world, thanks to its importance as a warning of the proximity of a highly hazardous coastline (its light reaches as far as 65 Km away), and for its renown as treacherous in this sea-going zone.
There are superb panoramic views from here, over the infinity of the ocean and the Corcubión Ria and the Carnota coast, with the granite mountains of O Pindo rising above them.

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